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We specialise in industrial security cameras and CCTV installation system design, installation and support for Auckland businesses.

If you're in a hurry, watch this short video about one of our industrial CCTV clients in Auckland uses our system.


Here’s how one of our best clients answered our question about how they get value from their state of the art video surveillance system.

“To be totally honest the main use of the camera system for us is to use it to gauge live pictures of how things are proceeding during our working day to see where we need additional space or manpower.”  

Then Ian was kind enough to tell us 4 other ways they use it to improve their business.

Which of these could improve your bottom line


I recently asked Ian, the Managing Director of an international logistics company & one of our best clients, to explain exactly how he used the high resolution video surveillance  system we installed.  His answers were:

  • pretty typical of how large industrial sites use the technology,
  • thought provoking because the main use wasn’t for security at all, but to improve the efficiency of the business!, and most importantly,
  • potentially of considerable value to you.

His answers fall into 5 main areas so I’ve separated them out for you to read more easily.  I think you’ll find it’s worth your time to have a look at these.  (The bullets under each one are a few related examples which show  how other companies use these systems.)

After you’ve skimmed through the examples I’ll tell you about the product that does all this … and actually gets better with age.

For now, here’s what businesses like yours are doing


1.  “ … to gauge live pictures of how things are proceeding during our working day to see where we need additional space or manpower.”

  • A recycling facility identifies priorities for allocating manpower so that the highest value metals are processed first according to maker value changes
  • A high rack warehouse uses the system to identify, diagnose and rectify malfunctions using cameras mounted on the rack-feeders and integrated with the automated racking system, saving valuable time and therefore money.
  • A scrap metal yard monitors drop-off queues forming and allocates additional resources accordingly to prevent costly bottlenecks.
  • A recycling station used to have 2 people operating a sock loader - one to drive the loader and another to stand on top of the bin to tell the driver when it was full or empty.  Now the driver does it alone by using an iPad in the cab streaming live video from its position above the bin.
  • A tire manufacturer used their cameras to increase the productivity of a night shift by 20% within days of installing the system.
  • A large sawmill significantly improved the working conditions for their employees by enabling them to move more freely within the plant and monitor the production more effectively.
  • An insulation & coatings manufacturer uses the cameras to allow them to manage unloading of trucks supplying raw materials to the production line, and loading of trains taking finished product, down to the minute with only a small number of employees.
  • Enables the MD and other employees to monitor the plant without being tied to the Control Room - from anywhere within the facility, at home or when travelling.


2.    “We do also have a use to reflect on situations that may have occurred during the day or during the night. “

  • A manufacturer was able to clarify exactly what happened to cause a fight between 2 employees on the factory floor.  This proved invaluable because the guilty party, a Union Rep, disputed the circumstances … right up until the video footage was shown!  He was dismissed with no further protest.
  • A small goods manufacturer was able to identify a worker who was cleaning a machine incorrectly, inadvertently causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.  This enabled the employee and others to be quickly re-trained, systems updated and a recurrence prevented.


3.   “Security of the facility is also a big thing for us so that should an event occur whilst we are not here we have the ability to rewind certain cameras. “

  • An optical disc manufacturer uses the system to provide high security monitoring of every stage of the production of discs to comply with the very strict licensing requirements of their customers.
  • Automotive manufacturer integrated their system with the PA System to broadcast welcome messages at certain times and then warning messages after hours which actually averted a robbery in progress.
  • A package transportation company detects theft of parcels from within the plant, especially of very valuable small freight items.
  • An electrical wholesaler who ended an annoying and expensive graffiti problem.
  • A fruit cooperative which installed the system at the request of their customers to identify all persons entering and leaving the facility and to prevent unauthorised access to their products being stored and processed there.
  • A manufacturer prevents vandalism and theft of and from employee cars.
  • A wholesaler brought about the arrest of a man vandalising a perimeter gate within days of installing the cameras
  • An electrical wholesaler eliminated illegal dumping on their property by deploying high resolution day/night cameras for perimeter security.


4.   “We also have the ability to check on any Health and Safety events that may have occurred and can use this footage for training if need be. “

  • A manufacturer uses cameras to make important announcements and to play safety and security announcements to their staff.
  • A small goods manufacturer improved staff safety by preventing harassment.
  • A manufacturer clarifies circumstances around accidents and injuries to assist in their investigation and prevention in future.
  • A paper manufacturer monitors production in areas that are too hot, noisy and dangerous for employees.
  • A ports company prevents injury to staff and uses audio alarms to automatically warn people to stay away from particularly dangerous areas


5.   “In addition to this we can check cameras if a courier or trucker makes a delivery and there is a dispute of how many items or time delivered.”

  • A transport company reduces liability against false injury claims.
  • A small goods manufacturer monitors how well staff are complying with processes and procedures.
  • A logistics company visually verifies and records the details of all deliveries.

And of course that only scratches the surface when it comes to what these systems can do for you & your business.

Think of it like a system that puts you everywhere you need to be at the same time … with the ability to :

  • see - in 6 megapixel resolution,
  • hear - with lip sync accuracy for speech, 
  • remember - with 100% accuracy for as long as you wish,
  • speak - using the in-built speakers, 
  • make some noise - including alarm sounds and pre-recorded voice messages
  • operate other systems - open doors, lights, alarms and so on.


How would your business be transformed if you could do all that & more , from anywhere in the world?

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