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A CCTV Camera Security System might seem like a tool with only one function, but businesses around the world are discovering otherwise.

Auckland New Zealand Security Camera Control Room In A Business

It’s been said that there are only 3 problems in business:

  • people problems
  • process problems, and 
  • profit problems.

That’s probably always been the case, but in 2014 there’s a new tool that smart businesses around the world are using to help solve them.   In a lot of businesses it’s a tool they already have …it’s just no-one ever thought of using it to solve these types of problems.

We’re talking about security cameras.

Often installed for other reasons but very, very useful for improving the business results when you open your mind.

Let’s look at a couple of examples in each area:

CCTV Security Camera System Solves People Problems

First people problems:

  • A ports company uses their system to prevent injury to staff by using the audio alarm capability, which is built in to the cameras, to automatically warn people to stay away from particularly dangerous areas.  
  • A small goods manufacturer identified an incorrect cleaning procedure being carried out by an employee which was causing thousands of dollars of damage.  This made it very easy to re-train the employee.
  • A paper manufacturer was able to effectively monitor production in areas that were too hot, noisy and dangerous for employees, greatly enhancing the working conditions for their people.

CCTV Camera Security System Solves Process Problems

Then there are the process problems:

  • A car manufacturer uses their cameras to enable their experts at HQ to demonstrate repair techniques on identical vehicles in real time with 2 way audio communication between them and a remote workshop in another part of the country.  This greatly speeds up difficult repairs, because the cars do not have to be moved over long distances, plus the repairs can be carried out by less experienced technicians because the experts are ‘virtually’ looking over their shoulder and guiding every step.
  • A package transport company visually tracks parcels at all stages as they pass through the automatic sorting plant, also providing added value to the clients because they have visibility of progress of their parcel.
  • An insulations and coating manufacturer manages the unloading of trucks supplying raw materials to the production line, and loading of trains taking finished product down to the minute with only a small number of employees.

CCTV Camera Security System Solves Profit Problems

And of course profit problems:

  • A luxury car retailer videos luxury vehicles for sale in very high quality images and streams these to the internet where they are automatically connected with the vehicle data.
  • A shopping mall uses the advanced Analytics capability of their system to provide automatic counting of customer numbers entering and leaving retail stores and the mall areas.
  • A coatings manufacturer prevents unnecessary & costly opening and/or stopping of machinery by using slow motion or frame by frame video.

What could you do?

Smart thinking.  

These are just the tip of the iceberg.  Although some of tees results have been achieved with CCTV camera security systems, the reality is that IP ( internet protocol) video ‘security camera’ systems are already much more capable than traditional CCTV, and will only get better.

Video can put the owner or the managers on the scene 24/7 in a way that just isn’t possible without it.

As we all know, people do more good and less bad if they think they might be watched by the boss.

There’s often no better way to improve a business process than to watch it.  With video that can be done much more quickly and nothing is missed.

Finally, profit comes from doing things well.  Often as business owners we think our people are complying with our processes but the truth is very different.

Might be time to take another look.  

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