MOBOTIX.  The Best IP Security Cameras In The World


If you want IP security cameras, then do yourself a favour and make sure you check out the German MOBOTIX.

This publicly listed German Company was the first to innovate away from the traditional CCTV technology that had been used since 1942.  They remain the world leader in high resolution video surveillance.  It's what they do.  And they are very, very good at it.

Most Cost Effective IP Security Cameras

What is most exciting about them is that because of the way they do high resolution IP security cameras, a Mobotix system can often cost less than the traditional manufacturers.

How is that possible?

Easy.  You don't need to buy a Network Video Recorder (NVR).  NVRs are the expensive computers that sit at the center of most IP systems out there, as a choke point for bandwidth and a single point of failure.

The reason you don't need to buy an NVR is because every Mobotix camera is also the NVR!   This brilliant innovation means not only do you not have to worry about expensive licensing costs when you add cameras, but you also never need to worry about the cost of upgrading your NVR hardware so it can handle the increased processing load.

With Mobotix you don't pay for software licenses because there are no software licenses!

With Mobotix you can't upgrade your NVR because there is no NVR!

Technically The Best IP Security Cameras

There are plenty of other advantages with Mobotix and they pretty much all flow naturally from one simple fact. which is ...

High resolution IP video surveillance is all they do. 

They don't sell phones, tablets, big screen TVs like many of the other big players.  They are specialists and therefore they've been able to develop tons of unique and powerful features that mean you get a better outcome.

Some of the most important are:

  • The incredibly high quality of the images produced by the cameras mean you have unequalled ability to see and record what you need to.
  • They use a video codec that is designed for video surveillance,  not the entertainment industry like H.264 was.
  • They are made to extremely high quality standards, and as a result can operate in conditions from -30 to +60 deg C without any moving parts at all, no heater, no fan.
  • Due to their precision manufacturing and complete absence of moving parts they are very robust and virtually maintenance free so your system will be available when you need it.
  • You never have to pay thousands of dollars for analytics modules or other software innovations.  All of these features are either already in the camera, or as a free upgrade whenever its released -  for the life of your camera!
  • They operate at minimal impact to your network bandwidth because the processing all happens in the camera.
  • They use very little power eg around 3W is typically a maximum.

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