New CCTV Monitoring Service 


This is a new CCTV monitoring service called MAINTAIN that solves the single biggest headache  you'll ever have with your security camera systems.

Let me explain ...

You see I've been installing cameras for several years now and one problem stands out as the big one.

It's the one thing that's most likely to make you tear your hair out in frustration with your system, and it's also the one thing that's most likely to stop you getting a good recording when an incident happens.

Just today I was called to a business because of this problem.   The boss was in on Saturday and tried to use the system to view some video of an incident the previous day.  

And what did he see?


No recorded video.  And when he checked ... no live video either!

So I get the call, head on-site and ... the cause of this apparent system malfunction turns out to be the same cause that I've seen hundreds of times all around Auckland.  In fact it's the number one problem I mentioned earlier in this article.

It's not that the footage was too 'grainy' to recognise a face or a number plate.

It's not that the footage was too jerky.

It's not that the night vision wasn't good enough or that the storage wasn't large enough.

No the reason his system let him down was the same reason that hundreds of other systems all around Auckland, and no doubt all around the world, let their owners down, and it was:

The system wasn't on.

In this case the system hadn't been on for the past 10 days!  

That might sound like a long time but believe me it's no where endear the longest time I've seen.  

How about 6 months or more?  Sadly not uncommon.

But back to our 10 day case ... it turned out that the solution was simple.  The power lead connection to the DVR wasn't in properly, so a quick re-connection and the system is back to 100%.

The trouble is of course there's no record of the last 10 days.  No record of the incident that the owner really wanted to see.  Murphy's Law strikes again.

Why Does This Happen?

Because you're busy.

Because you've got a business to run and a life to get on with.

Because you simply don't have the time to keep an eye on your CCTV system and get everything else done.

Because this type of checking isn't a job for a human.  It's a job for a machine.

Because people are clumsy and occasionally knock things.

Because some people are malicious and don't want your system to be on so they unplug it accidentally on purpose.

Because it's a machine and machines nod off sometimes.

CCTV Monitoring - An Elegant and Inexpensive Solution

A series of computers ( geeks call them servers ) around New Zealand and Australia, spend all day & night, every day and night, trying to make contact with your system.

Sound boring?  They love it! (actually they don't have any feelings one way or the other because they're machines).

But they do it.  24/7/365 cctv monitoring to make sure your system is awake.

The moment they are unable to contact your system they tell us about it.  We then assess whether it is a temporary glitch or something you need to know about.


Now thanks to cctv monitoring it is impossible for your system to be down for 10 days without you knowing about it.  Or even 10 minutes.

Now thanks to cctv monitoring it's impossible for you to lose valuable evidence of an incident just because your system's been down for several days and no-one even knew.

Sounds Great!  How Does It Work & How Do I Get It?

It's called MAINTAIN and it works on any system that's connected to the internet.

It doesn't matter whether Auckland Security Cameras Ltd or someone else installed your system originally.   All the servers care about is whether they can connect to it.

It can monitor a DVR, an NVR or any IP Camera.

To get it up & running you can either

  • buy it here at our MAINTAIN site 
  • get in touch at out Contact Us page, or 
  • phone  (09) 551 7716.  

Either way just tell us you want MAINTAIN & we'll show you what to do next.  

It'll be set up within a few hours and you'll have the peace of mind that your system can never again drop off without you knowing within minutes!

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