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How to watch recorded security camera footage



CCTV Tutorial Video

CCTV Tutorial Detailed Instructions

How To Watch Recorded CCTV Footage On Your Computer using the SNS CCTV software

  1. Double click on the ‘Super NetSurveillance” icon on your desktop.
  2. Click on OK on the Login screen. (You will see a User Name and a Password field but you don’t have to enter anything.)
  3. Wait a few seconds and then your programme should display.
  4. Maximise the programme screen by clicking on the square symbol in the very top right hand corner (beside the X symbol).
  5. Just below the top right hand corner of your screen you will see a long panel with the heading ‘Device’ at the top. Below this you will see the words ‘Device List’. In this list you will see the name of your CCTV’s e.g - Shop, Factory, office etc. Double click on the name. (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP OTHERWISE YOU WON’T SEE ANY RECORDINGS!) If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see a list of your cameras just below your device’s name in the Device List.
  6. Now click on the Playback button on the lower left hand side of your screen.
  7. A series of fields with drop down boxes will now be in the Device panel on the right hand side of your screen. Your Device name should now be loaded in the first field called Device e.g. - Shop, factory, office etc.
  8. Go to the next field called Channel. Select a Channel by clicking on the down arrow next to the Channel box. This will bring up a drop down list of your individual cameras. Select a camera from the list.
  9. Leave the Type field set on All.
  10. Select the Date you want by clicking on the down arrow next to the Date box. (This will bring up a calendar so just click on the day you want).
  11. Leave the left hand box on the next row on Search.
  12. Now select the Time period. Select the Begin and End time you want by either typing it in to the two right hand boxes alongside Begin and End (click on the field to make it live then type the time you want) or by using their scroll up and down arrows.

    We strongly suggest you enter the times using the 24 hour clock nomenclature because the AM and PM are only just visible unless you use your arrow keys to move to the right.
  13. Example:            
  1. Let’s say you want the recording to begin at 1pm and finish at 2pm.           
  2.  Simply click on the first two digits in the Begin time box and type 13 (for 1300 which is 1pm).           
  3. The program automatically changes it to 1 but don’t sweat it. What you can’t see is that it’s also changed to PM over on the right.          
  4. Now go to the End time box and enter 14 (for 1400 which is 2pm) into the first two digits.          
  5. Then enter 00 and 00 into the next two parts of the number (they’re set to 59 by default).

14. Now select your recorded video by clicking on the Search button below the time fields.

You will see one or more videos displayed in a list with the Begin and End times. (It also displays the file size in KB to give you an idea.)

15. Select a single video you want to view by double clicking on the details in the list.

16. If you want to view multiple videos one after another, then select the tick boxes to the left of the details and then click Play. It will play the videos in the order of time frame.

 17. Here's a common question about this CCTV Tutorial:

         Q - Why are there no videos to view in the list?

         A - This could be due to several reasons: 

  1. You have entered an incorrect time frame.
  2. You have selected the wrong camera for the time period you are wanting to check
  3. There had actually been no events taken place in that time period.

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