CCTV System Not Working Properly?


If your CCTV system is getting up your nose because it never seems to do what it's supposed to do, then don't worry.  We can probably sort it out real quick for you.

But first here's a list of a few of the common complaints we hear, when we talk to Auckland businesses and homes with CCTV systems.

  • I can't see a picture at all on some or all cameras.
  • The live picture is really bad.
  • The live picture of the front door is all whited out so you can't see anyone's face when they walk in.
  • You can't see any details at night.
  • There's a white 'ring' on the picture at night. (Only happens on cameras with built in IR LEDs)
  • I can't read license plates at night (or at all).
  • I can't see enough detail of the till.
  • There's no recorded video of the incident. ( Really annoying! )
  • I can't login to my DVR.
  • I can't remember how to do anything because I hardly ever use it.
  • I can't access my system over the Internet anymore. 
  • It keeps beeping.
  • I've lost the will to live.

Hopefully the last one isn't you.

Long before it gets that bad though too many of us just put up with these problems for ages.  There's no need because all of them can be put right pretty easily.

CCTV Problem Fixes

A surprising number of the problems we come across are caused not by any issue with the cameras or the DVR, but with the power supply.  Either it's given up the ghost completely or it's not up to the job any more.  Some installers try to cut costs by powering the DVR and all the cameras from one power supply that's just not rated highly enough.

Any recording issues are also usually not the cameras or the DVR but the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) instead.  Again cheap installers will fit lower quality HDDs which aren't designed for security applications at all, and won't handle running 24/7 for too long. 

Some of the problems on the list are definitely caused by the installer not knowing what they were doing, and fitting the wrong type of camera for the job. A camera facing a sun-lit doorway or window needs to have a wide dynamic range for example.

Others are caused by them fitting the right camera in the wrong position.  You can get bad flaring problems with IR LEDs bouncing off metal surfaces close to the camera.

Still others are caused by not considering the lighting carefully enough.  White light is ALWAYS better than infra red.  Did you know that oils on the human facial skin often reflect IR radiation more intensely than visible light, thereby giving you a white out effect that obscures the facial features?

What Can I Do?

That's the good news!

If your Auckland CCTV system isn't up to scratch give us a call on (09) 551 7716. 

It doesn't matter if we didn't install your system.  The most important thing is to get it sorted out properly.

So don't muck around.  You put it in for a reason and you'll kick yourself if something happens and you don't have it on film.

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