So You Want A Home Security System


This page will save you a ton of time and confusion searching for the right home security system.


So, what is a home security system in 2024?

A home security system is a network of devices designed to protect a home from potential threats such as burglary, intrusion, fire, or gas leaks. It typically includes components like 

  • security cameras, 
  • motion sensors, door/window sensors, alarm systems, and a central control panel. 
  • some systems are connected to a professional monitoring service that can respond to alerts and contact emergency services if necessary. 
  • modern systems often incorporate smart technology, allowing homeowners to monitor and control their security system remotely through a mobile app.

We know when you searched for "home security system" on Google, you are likely looking to either:

1. Purchase a home security system: You might be looking for the best options available in the market, comparing prices, features, and reviews. 

2. Learn more about home security systems: You might want to understand how these systems work, what components are included, and how to install and use them. 

3. Find a service provider: You might be looking for professional installation services or companies that offer home security systems. 

4. Troubleshoot an existing system: You might be facing issues with your current home security system and you’re looking for solutions or guides to fix the problem. 


Now, when you search for home security system you’ll get umpteen pages listing hundreds, even thousands of CCTV cameras, home alarm systems, doorbell cameras, smart locks and security lighting systems & more.

How on earth are you supposed to work all that out?   

Instead let’s look at this logically.  

You know your home, we know what might make sense to secure it, because we’ve been doing this for a while.

Here’s “Rule number 1”  - Use the right tool for the job!

Or, to put it another way - Use CCTV cameras for what CCTV cameras are good at , and use alarms for what alarms are good at (with alarms it’s not much, but notifying you of an intruder inside your unoccupied house might be their main advantage).


Let’s look at a few easy, obvious jobs for your home security system:

Want to see what’s going on around your home right now?  CCTV Cameras

Want to see what happened recently?  CCTV Cameras that record for a decent number of days and which make it easy for you to search the footage & find what you want.  

Want to get notified when a human is near the outside of your home?  CCTV Cameras with smart notification to your mobile.

Want to get notified that there’s someone inside your house when you’re not there?  Alarm system that notifies your mobile and then CCTV cameras you can also check on your mobile to see what’s going on.


But what if you …

Want to recognise or identify a face near the outside of your house at night?  CCTV camera with soft white light.  Or a standard CCTV camera with separate white lighting (which probably means sensor activated flood-lighting, which can upset the neighbour).

Want to capture & record a vehicle licence plate? CCTV camera designed and then installed by experts specifically for this job.  Otherwise it’s pot luck in daytime & impossible at night.

Want to give evidence to the Police?  CCTV camera system capable of recording with enough detail, that has a verifiably correct date-time stamp and one that’s easy to use - very important because you need to search and find the footage, and then export it in a format the Police can use.

Want to protect people who are at home during the daytime?  This is an interesting one.  Your alarm system is useless because it’s not armed if you’re home.  CCTV cameras with human detection set to notify your mobile are normally your best bet.  Unfortunately most burglaries happen during the day because burglars aren’t completely stupid, and they know most people are at home at night. If you or your loved ones happen to be at home when an intruder calls they may not notice and suddenly you have a home invasion.  One thing working in your favour is CCTV cameras obviously work best in the daytime.  


The range of home security choices is vast, with options covering everything from alarm systems, CCTV cameras, doorbell cameras, smart locks to security lighting. However, if you're looking for a system that guarantees versatility and optimal effectiveness, CCTV cameras, or home security cameras, deserve special emphasis.

CCTV cameras provide the most bang for your buck in the field of home security systems. They are designed to record any suspicious activities 24/7 and offer a wealth of features such as night vision, motion detection, and remote access using your phone or tablet. Every year this gives more and more Auckland homeowners peace of mind knowing their properties are constantly monitored.

To choose the best home security system, talk to a NZ licensed security consultant with years of experience and it’ll save you a ton of hassle.

While some homeowners choose to install their own security systems, professional installation can offer assurance that everything is set up correctly.   Every year we replace cheap DIY systems with a proper home security system and our customers are delighted!

In terms of advantages, a home security system not only promises a safer living environment but may also increase the value of your property. It could potentially decrease insurance premiums as insurers might see your home as less risky.

In conclusion, choosing a home CCTV camera or a wider security system may seem daunting, but the peace of mind it offers is priceless. Take your time to explore and consider your options. Ultimately, the goal is to create a safer, more secure home that suits your lifestyle and puts your mind at ease.


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