How To Get Notifications From Your Mobotix Cameras Using Pushover

Mobotix cameras can’t send Push notifications directly.

You use a 3rd party to do it.

The Aussie service I had been using was expensive & complex with poor service so I looked around for a better solution.

Here it is.

It uses Pushover.

Here’s what you need before you start:

A smart phone

A computer

To know how to login to your camera as an admin user on a computer web browser

A gmail account

Your gmail account User Name and Password


Here’s The 2 Step Process:

  1. GET PUSHOVER.   First install the  Pushover App on your phone.  You’ll create an account.  You’ll get a unique email address like  Make a note of that because you’ll need it soon.  You pay about $4.99 once only per platform and you get 7500 notifications per month.
  2. PROGRAM YOUR CAMERA.  Next you setup your MOBOTIX camera to send an email to that weird pushover email whenever a particular event occurs in the camera.  Obviously you’ll probably use Activity Sensor so I’ll use that in this example.

That’s it!  When Pushover’s servers get the email from your camera -  BOOM! - they send you a push notification.  Happy days.

Step 1 is easy.  If you get stuck hit me up on the website or the facebook.

Here’s the detailed ‘How To’ for step 2. PROGRAM YOUR CAMERA.

Admin Menu > E-Mail Profiles

Addressing:  your gmail address

Authentication Method: SMTP Login

SMTP Server:

Login User Name: your gmail user name

Login Password: your gmail password

Add new profile

Name your new E-Mail Profile  PUSHOVER

Addressing: put your pushover email here

E-Mail Message Subject Text:  something that describes the event eg Driveway Movement

Set > Close > OK

Setup Menu > Action Group Overview

Add new group

Action Group Name: PUSHOVER

Event Selection: Image Analysis: AS

Add New Action

Action 1: select E-Mail: PUSHOVER

Set > Close > OK

That’s it.  Now go walk in front of your camera & test it.

If you’ve done it right AS will trigger and you’ll get the notification.

If it doesn’t work DON’T PANIC!

First test that the camera is ending the email properly by doing this:

Admin Menu > Test Current Network Configuration

Close any pop up window.

Scroll down to your E-Mail Profile called PUSHOVER

Click Transfer

Close the pop-up and scroll down again and you should see a friendly green message “E-mail has been sent!”

Anything in red is bad. 

Very bad. 

Actually it’s not that bad. 

Go back and check your email settings at Admin Menu > E-mail Profiles and correct what’s wrong.

Let me know how you got on.

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