Home security camera systems

A home security video camera never sleeps and never blinks.

Home Security Camera Systems are no longer the privilege of the rich. Thousands of Aucklanders use home security camera setups to deter burglars and keep an eye on the place when they're away.

By the way if you want a good laugh check out this link and see whether you think this guy could be be the world's stupidest burglar caught on home CCTV?

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Why we fitted security cameras at our place

• To make burglars think twice.

• To make us sleep easier at night.

• To stop 'home invasion', walk-in burglaries in the daytime. These are unfortunately on the increase right across Auckland. (Alarms are useless because they're not on when we're at home.)

• To catch door to door scam artists. (They often pretend to be tree-fellers in our neighborhood).

• To help keep an eye on our toddler. Sometimes it's great to glance at a screen and confirm she's where we think she is!

• So we can check in when we're away. (No unauthorised parties at our house!)

• So we can check contractors actually came round when they said they did.

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