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CCTV Installation Auckland | Auckland Security Cameras Ltd.

CCTV Installation Auckland Wide. Rapid quoting, install and support by the trusted experts. Protect your property or business with Auckland Security Cameras.

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How To Set CCTV Time | Auckland Security Cameras Ltd

How To Set CCTV Time So You Can Use It As Evidence

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When CCTV Doesn't Make Sense

CCTV Camera Security SystemUsed By Businesses In Auckland New Zealand

CCTV Camera Security Systems Used To Solve Business Problems. Learn how innovative businesses are using CCTV to solve prices, people and profit problems.

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Auckland security Cameras Report

Auckland New Zealand security cameras Report . 3 Ways Auckland Businesses Are Spending Too Much For Too Little Return

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Security Camera Footage | Auckland Security Cameras

Help Page. Videos and instructions to sort out any trouble viewing your security camera footage.

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How To Get Mobotix Push Notifications

How To Get Your Mobotix Camera To Send Push Notifications Using Pushover

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Mobotix. Video Tutorials. How to get the most out of it.

MOBOTIX. Video tutorials. How to use the best CCTV system in the world.

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CCTV Software NZ | Auckland Security Cameras

With our Smart PSS CCTV software, you gain playback and export capabilities for your security camera system. Learn more here.

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Industrial Security. Security cameras and CCTV for Auckland industry.

Industrial security camera installation examples from Auckland and around the world. Get inspired by some of the innovative uses by manufacturers, freight and logistics companies.

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How A Scottish Hacker Tried To Hack My Security Camera

How A Scottish Hacker Tried To Hack My Security Camera and why it matters to you. Cyber security is critical for all businesses these days and CCTV can be used to attack you.

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Privacy and CCTV in Auckland | Auckland Security Cameras

Privacy and CCTV in Auckland explained. Did you know that New Zealand privacy legislation probably doesn't apply to your home CCTV? If you're a business it's a lot different. Find out how.

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Video of an amazing new camera from MOBOTIX

These are really popular in Auckland right now. Not only typical brilliant MOBOTIX technology - but 33% cheaper than normal.

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Security Camera System FAQs | Auckland Security Cameras

Get answers for all your security camera system questions on this page.

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NEW VIDEO: Learn How To See Your CCTV On Your Mobile

There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to see your CCTV pictures on your mobile. Especially if it used to work but all of a sudden it's stopped!

This short video shows you ( in less than 8 minutes ) how to get it working again. It'll also teach you how to troubleshoot if you ever have problems again in the future.

If you find it useful please give it the thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and share it with anyone who has a CCTV system - they'll need it sooner or later.

CCTV Deal. Buy One Get One Free. November 2014 Only.

CCTV Deal. Buy One Get One Free. November 2014 Only.

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New CCTV Monitoring Solves The Number One Problem With These Systems

CCTV Monitoring solves the biggest problem with all security camera systems. Auckland New Zealand

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Auckland Home Show Special DVR Kit

Auckland New Zealand Home Show Special DVR Kit

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Best Security Cameras. Auckland New Zealand

The Best Security Cameras In The World are Here. 13 ways you can use them.

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Security Camera Protects Beer Fridge!

I'm always looking for important new applications for video surveillance technology.

This weekend I set up what may be a world first - a Mobotix camera protecting my beer fridge.

Specifically the camera sends me an email entitled "Fridge door has been opened". The email also has a photo attached of the 'crime' in progress.

The camera also plays the following loud message as soon as the offender opens the door: "Step away from the beer"

The exciting thing is I've barely scratched the surface in terms of what the camera is capable of - I'll probably test other alerts like having the camera phone me, post live video to a website, turn on a light etc etc.

By the way if you think this is silly, then I can offer this thought:

"You're never too old to be immature."

I hope 2014 is a year when you protect the things that matter most to you :-)

Security Camera Video - How to give it to the Police

Security Camera Video - Tutorial on how to get it into the right format to give to the Police

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Game Changing Technology

A recent article in the Aug/Sept issue of NZ Security Magazine points out what the really disruptive technology will be.

The exciting thing for Auckland customers is that Mobotix already provides this capability!

What is it?

Good camera-edge-recording combined with Analytics.

Mobotix Q24 cameras already have both capabilities, so I guess as far as Auckland is concerned .. the future is now!

Great Video Of Mobotix Preventing Theft In Car Yard

Key Points:

  • Laugh out loud as you see these 2 dickheads try to crouch down and avoid whatever the hell it is that's spotted them and keeps talking to them!
  • MxActivity Sensor brilliantly detects the culprits even at a good distance from the camera, and even after they try to hide in the shadows and behind the cars. Ya gotta love it!
  • Camera is integrated with the Car Yard's PA system so they get the message good and loud.
  • System is also monitored by a Remote Control Center which assesses each Event in less than 1 minute.
  • The adjacent Car Yard got done over the same night while this one was left untouched!
  • Another female voice message is recorded and plays a welcome message when people come onto the Yard during civilized hours. Her voice also lets them know they're under surveillance of course.
  • Since switching from normal video motion detection to the new Mobotix Activity Sensor, the Yard has reduced false alarms by 90%
  • This dealership has more than 200 yards across the US. In 30 years they've never seen a system they like. Within 10 minutes of the presentation they were saying "This is incredible!"

Preventive security 21st century style!

Ask us about something like this at your place.

Another Disturbing Home Invasion Burglary in Albany

home invasion cctv footage

I'm starting to wonder how often these happen in Auckland ... this is the second one from our immediate circle of acquaintances in the past week!

0700 on a weekday morning. Broke into the car in the driveway, found the garage door opener in the car ( do you leave yours in the car overnight? ).

Used it to get into the house through the garage. Stole some stuff and scarpered with the car keys, house keys and door opener.

Any bets they're planning on returning?

House alarm? Useless! They were in and out in less than a minute.

Security cameras? Not yet.


A couple of footnotes:

1. Notice it's another daytime burglary. That's when most of them happen. That's also when security cameras work best!

2. Not all home invaders wear hoodies or balaclavas over their faces, as you can see from the picture above ... a suspect from an overseas home invasion. After all in daylight you look a little bit suss in a ski-mask in a residential street at 0700.

Keep safe Auckland and if you want a good chance of having the satisfaction of helping to lock up anyone who tries to do this to you and your family ... we'll gladly help out, and fast!

Yet Another Way CCTV Saved Us Money At Home

bad timekeeping

Ever wondered if the contractor actually spent 3 hours at your house?

We did. So we checked.

Actually no. Our CCTV camera showed him arriving at 0821 and departing at 1047. That's 2 hours and 26 minutes.

That's not 3 hours.

We'll be generous and pay them for 2.5 hours ... but not 3.

Ever noticed how "honest mistakes" never seem to come down in your favour? They always seem to favour the contractor or the vendor now don't they!

Incredibly Popular Page On Our Site

One of the most visited pages on the Auckland Security Cameras website is the Shop Theft Calculator.

Check it out and in less than 7 seconds you'll know EXACTLY how much shop theft is costing you.

shop theft calculator

DVR Viewer Using CMS Software

Use CMS software as a DVR viewer for live footage

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Attention Auckland Security Cameras Clients

If you've had an analog system installed by us, there is a new App available which allows you to search recorded footage from your mobile device, not just view live video.

CCTV i-Phone App

It's called VMeye Super and it's available in the App Store and best of all it's FREE.

Happy hunting!

Breaking News: 15 June 2013 Home Invasion Burglary in Grey Lynn

Two men burgled a Grey Lynn home around Dawn on the 15th of June 2013, while Mum, Dad and their 3 year old were in bed.

Dad's wallet, Mum's car keys and then of course Mum's car, were stolen in a brazen, terrifying but all too common attack.

How did they get in? They prized open the locked front door!

Brutal Truths:

1. Most home burglaries in Auckland happen during the day, many while people are at home. Perfect conditions for security cameras.

2. Alarms are useless and the baddies know it. Who leaves their alarm on while they're at home during the day?

3. Only security cameras are going to help you deter or catch these people.

Thankfully no-one was physically hurt this time.

Two final thoughts ... imagine you're a burglar prepared to do a home invasion to pay for your next fix. You see 10 houses in a row and 9 of them don't have security cameras. Would you rob the one that does?

And finally ... after the initial fright I suspect you're going to feel pretty angry with the perpetrators. How good would it feel to have crystal clear video of them to give to the Police?

Watch CCTV Footage

How to watch cctv footage recordings using the PSS software

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Digifort Security Camera Softwa

Digifort security camera software is state of the art and very easy to use.

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Contact Us. Auckland New Zealand

Contact us about protecting your people, your property or your profits.

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CCTV News Letter for Auckland New Zealand

CCTV news and other useful stuff to help you get the most from your security cameras.

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CCTV Footage - How to watch live over the internet

How to watch CCTV footage live on your internet security cameras in Auckland New Zealand

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CCTV DVR System. How to set daylight savings time.

How to set your CCTV DVR System to take daylight savings time into account.

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